Platteville, WI
Platteville United Methodist Church

Lifeline Audio Video Technologies performed an acoustical analysis of the Fellowship Hall utilizing E.A.S.E. (electro-acoustical analysis for engineers) to design an acoustical panel solution for the space built in 1970. The room had a high reverb time and many reflections making it difficult to host popular church social events such as a potluck meal. Lifeline installed the acoustical panels with the help of the E.A.S.E. analysis. The church now holds special worship services in the space with amplified music, and youth events. Potlucks are now quiet affairs with intelligible conversation.

Lifeline Audio Video Technologies installed several AV technology items during a late 2012 Sanctuary renovation. These include: Custom AV desk by Lifeline, Presonus digital audio mixer with Apple i-Pad. Lifeline installed Extron video control for the motorized screen and projector and a 70-inch rear wall video monitor. New amplifiers, AC sequencing and a versatile patch bay to complement newly installed multiple floor pockets completed this phase of AV upgrades.