Sinsinawa, WI
Sinsinawa Mound Chapel

The Catholic Dominican nuns worldwide headquarters is located in scenic Southwest Wisconsin. The majestic and awe-inspiring round chapel was constructed in 1964 on top of a large hill thus earning the name “Sinsinawa Mound.” The 100+ seat round chapel interior consists of marble, terra cotta and stone with a 48-foot tall center dome. While a wonderful space for the much acclaimed organ concerts, spoken word had been unintelligible since the chapel was built. Lifeline Audio Video Technologies installed Renkus-Heinz Iconyx digital, steerable line array speaker columns with integrated digital amplifiers. . Each Iconyx column has an integrated 1000 watt digital amplifier. The speaker system not only blends in with the beautiful aesthetics but Lifeline audio engineers were able to use state of the art speaker technology and software to offer listeners highly intelligible spoken word for the liturgy. The two side wings complement the 800 center seats and can be turned on/off by a push of a button. Operation is simple with four selector panels and Bi-amp Nexia DSP. (Digital Sound Processing) One switch turns the entire sound system on/off. Lifeline also installed Sony PTZ cameras with fingertip joystick control to allow events in the chapel to be sent to CC TV and worldwide broadcast.