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Why Lifeline

We are in an era where how we present audio and video content is changing, and what we do with the content is changing just as fast. In addition to uses in the classroom, AV equipment can be used for remote learning, university recruiting, interactive campus directories, and more. Lifeline keeps up-to-date on current trends and ever-evolving technology to provide higher education faculty and staff with the tools they need.

Easy to use.

Our higher education sound and video systems are designed for ease of use and simplicity in operation. We understand the need for a quality sound and video system that can be operated by all levels of your staff and faculty, from beginners to experienced employees and teaching assistants.

Lifeline client easily adjusting their audio/video system.

Built by our experts.

Our team is made up of highly trained and certified AV professionals who will provide you with great customer service. They are dependable and have an outstanding work ethic, ensuring each job is done right. Lifeline employees come to work every day with one common goal and that is to exceed customer expectations with every system we design and install.

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It’s all about
the process.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all audio/video integrated system. We'll partner with you to discuss your goals and objectives for each space and design the best solution that meets those objectives and your budget. We'll guide you through the system design, and purchasing process with clarity and purpose, and we'll deliver a system that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations.


Plan it.

Understanding our clients’ objectives and applying a practical approach to design and installation are key elements in providing a successful audio/video experience.


Design it.

Lifeline designs all our projects in house with our certified and highly skilled design team. No two projects are the same.


Program it.

No matter how simple or advanced your custom-designed Lifeline system is, we’ll program it to be easy to understand and even easier to use.


Install it.

Our certified and highly skilled installation team is trained to do the job well and to provide you with a quality installation with minimal disruption to your space.


Maintain it.

Lifeline can help make sure your new or existing investment is working at its peak performance by keeping up with maintenance, repairs, enhancements and firmware updates.

Lifeline expert running cable at a college or univeristy

Helping colleges and universities maintain their Audio/Video solutions for over 25 years.

No-Cost Consultation
A university gym with audio/video technology.

Tailored solutions for higher education.

Sound Systems

Sound systems can fill a space with high-definition audio, creating a consistent listening environment. Whether the system is needed for clarity in a classroom, or to ensure all listeners can optimally enjoy a musical performance or a ball game,Lifeline’s designs eliminate “preferential seating” and allow each seat to hear clearly.

Video Projection

Video projection systems offer a method of easily presenting information to students. Lifeline will design the system with the optimum screen size, placement and projector brightness and resolution for maximum visual clarity. Enhance classroom engagement with video!

Commercial Televisions

Commercial-grade televisions can be used for a variety of applications including digital signage or take the place of a video projector and screen in some applications. Lifeline will walk you through the benefits and pitfalls of a commercial-grade television vs. a projector and screen to determine the best solution for your space.

Live Streaming

Higher education institutions often already use live video streaming for speakers, concerts and /events, and commencements. Streaming can also change the way students engage with their coursework, allowing them to attend class remotely or review past lectures. Southwest Wisconsin’s Lifeline Audio Video Technologies can install equipment to help make in-person events available for remote attendance.

Acoustical Solutions

Challenging acoustical spaces can decrease speech intelligibility and make it hard to hear audio as desired. Lifeline Audio Video Technologies can provide and install a variety of acoustical products to help with acoustical challenges in classrooms, auditoriums, gyms, and other higher-ed spaces.

Custom Built Furniture for AV

Lifeline’s highly trained and certified staff can take the project from start to finish. We even manufacture our own furniture such as podiums and desks. The customer can select any color or species of wood to match the aesthetics of the space. Lifeline takes great pride in our attention to detail for all aspects of the project.

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With decades of industry experience and functional expertise, Lifeline Audio Video Technologies goes above and beyond to develop solutions that will help your higher education space stay competitive by remaining at the cutting edge of innovation. Contact us today to see how Lifeline can partner with you.

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